Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool 3 - Videos

I love Lord of the Flies. It's a great story and the kids will enjoy the following trailer.

In order to show my students what a finished video using power point would look like, I'll show this video...

 I learned that you have access to many things but yes, you must be aware of copyright and fair use. For instance, I copied and pasted this statement right off the internet:  Anyone who tells you copyright and fair use issues are simple in the United States is either naive, poorly informed, or both. Intellectual property law IS complicated, and conversations about copyright issues tend to leave participants more confused rather than clear about guidelines. Because of this reality, I have tried to make this chapter as brief and concise as possible. Most people “playing with media” do not want to take a semester course or get a degree on copyright, they simply need clear guidelines

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