Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool # 9

Because every students has a netboook, the demand for technology is high. Even our textbook is online! I like the idea of using the webcam or voice recorder to have student explain what they did.

I like all of the options in Thinkfinity, Not only is it great for a single subject, but also for interdisciplinary units. A great way to amp rigor and relevance. Awesome Note Lite is a creative way to take notes based on themes. When using Thinkfinity students can submit answers to activities to the teacher using various media outlets. Students will have to share their notes with classmates on a specific topic like author's background, literary elements addressed, theme, etc.

Sock Puppets is a fun app for digital story telling. It is a Free app that allows students to select backgrounds and add lip synced videos. This is a fun tool to use with literature or when having students teach a specific skill. The stations looks like students maybe contributing in Google docs and copying info into sock puppets so that it may be synced with puppets.

Spell Checker is a free app for iPads/iPods. This is great way to have another pair of eyes double heck your work before submitting. As far as accountability, students should not submit work with any misspelled words. This will look like a writing center where students will have to read what they have submitted and be careful not to solely depend on the spell checker because we all know that it does not catch all errors.

I can see students using iTunes to create a playlist for a novel that we are reading or using iMovie to create a video trailer for a novel/short story turned into a movie.

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